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The Sage Thymes

Hi, I'm Jenni, a self-prescribed introvert from the Midwest who moved to the Southwest on a whim because I needed a change in my life, and quite frankly, I was tired of the cold!

I thought I knew how to cook and reveled in my endeavors (processed, prepared foods), until I met Graham, my husband. He opened my eyes to what cooking really is, and what it now means to me, fresh ingredients, herbs, spices, layering flavors to create a memorable meal. I mean, who knew Brits could cook! (just kidding, honey).

We have talked for several years about opening  our own restaurant, but that is not an option, so we thought "let's start a food blog, somewhere we can share our passion for the food we like, have some fun, and meet some cool people" So here we are, building our small slice of the internet. We hope you visit us often as we build our site, and thank you for stopping by.

Welcome to The Sage Thymes

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy dishes for everyday eats.

The Main Event

A collection of our favorite dishes, some are healthy, some are indulgent, but all are worthy!

Sides, Sauces, & Snacks

Great dishes that go with The Main Event recipes, or just plain delicious as a snack or supper, It's Your Choice!

Karnivors Korner

Bring out your inner Karnivor.

Oh, and your appetite!

This is the place for meat-lovers, the why, the what, and the how-to for all things meat!

Weeknight Menus (or weekends)

Busy days, tired, hungry chitlins running around? Here are some of our quick week night meals.

The Man Cave

This is the place for grilling, Q, beer, sports, and a host of other topics. Oh, and it's open to all. Pull up a chair, grab a cold one, and come on in.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and thank you for visiting us. 

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